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VeriFone® MX 870 POS Terminal    
Most Popular Model!
Our Price: $745.95 / unit
Going well beyond standard PIN pad technology, the PCI PED approved MX 870 meets stringent security requirements for the payment industry while enabling retailers to express their brand, advertising or deliver cross-promotions right to their customers at the point-of-sale.

VeriFone® MX 880 POS Terminal    
Our Price: $690.95 / unit
The MX 880 combines VeriFone’s largest full-motion video display and most powerful processor in a device with a tactile keypad. It is two essential POS solutions in one – delivering high-impact promotions and value-added applications while securely processing payments in every kind of retail situation.

VeriFone® MX 870 POS Terminal With Contactless RFID    
Our Price: $715.99 / unit
The MX 870 merges full-motion video, a 65,000 color display, high quality digital sound and highly secure payment capabilities into a single, easy-to-use system. This means users can now complete transactions at the highest and most reliable level possible.

VeriFone® MX 860 POS Terminal    
Our Price: $678.95 / unit
The MX 860 is as versatile as it is performance-oriented. An industry leading color display ideal for promotional and interactive customer applications and simply combines a tactile keypad and a large signature capture area.

VeriFone® MX 850 POS Terminal    
Our Price: $633.55 / unit
The ultra-durable MX 850 has a powerful payment processing engine, a convenient keypad for secure PIN entry, user-friendly, ATM-style prompt keys and an ultra-crisp color display making it the clear choice for many retail environments.

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