Custom/Generic Gold
"We Accept" Check Presenter
  Dimensions: 5 1/8" x 9"
Our Price: $12.50 / each*
*Packaging: 10 order minimum, 10 per pack.
These timeless classic unique gold tipped bi-folding check presenters present a classic gold “We Accept” VISA® MasterCard® logo silkscreen printed on the lower right hand corner which uses high quality construction of padded vinyl, and leather.

Items are customizable and can be branded to support local businesses, products, or card companies. Products are shipped in 10 unit shrink wrapped packages. Custom p rocess assures you a high quality presentation each time a client is ready to pay. Icons can be placed in any viewable location. Please select from the drop down menu above to specify your quanity request.

For all custom product inquires please call:


Tel. (415) 362-7673